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On fumbling and ordinary things

On New Year's Eve a few yers ago, I was scrolling through my phone trying to find a picture to post on social media. Everyone's page seemed to be blowing up with beautiful photos and captions about how amazing their year was. I had had a particularly difficult year, and when I saw these pictures I have to admit I started to feel small and insignificant. So, I went looking for a picture to post. After scrolling through the whole year of pictures I could not find one. Literally, not one. I did, however, find an odd picture from a number of years back of me trying to figure out how to plug in my guitar. I have plugged in my guitar hundreds of times... hundreds. I don't know how that picture got there, but I decided it was pretty true to what the year had been like, so I posted it. I wake up most days not having a clue what in the world I am doing. I thought the older I got the more confident I would be, but it sure seems like the opposite is true. I spend a lot of time in my

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